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On Any Sunday?

A super fast ride report. Rod told me I used up most of the Club’s allotted words in my last ride report so I don’t want to run out.

After whining about the Sunday rides at the last club meeting I felt duty bound to return a day early from a half weekend at Sussex Inlet, the Riviera of the South Coast. As I approach the clock my view is blocked by a lumbering Land Cruiser-will anyone turn up?

Under a glorious winter sun I make the turn into the parking area behind the clock and I’m staggered, bikes and Hard Men as far as the eye can see! The last time there was this many hard men gathered together was in the build up to D-Day in 1944. There are too many to mention them all, close to a score in all, but the reason for the weather soon becomes apparent when Sunshine Moses greets me as I alight from my 750 Four.

Even though it is 9:30 riders keep rolling in. There has been some ambiguity in the email out so we wait till 10:00 to set off. The long procession of bikes puts me in mind of the movie “Stone”, but without the coffin. A gentle cruise through Exeter, out to Fitzroy Falls, across the lovely but sometimes treacherous Myra Vale Road and Pearson’s Lane into Robertson, where we tip toe through town on the lookout for the Highway Patrol.

We stop for morning tea at the pie shop, the wise avoiding the pies but some of the more reckless members laugh in the face of Salmonella and partake while we chat and are entertained by shiny noisy Harleys and one fellow on a big KTM adventure bike leaving on one wheel.

The homeward leg is via Tourist Road where Bad Influence Dennis lives up to his name, I try to keep up but the 750’s spindly forks and spaghetti swingarm mean it’s tying itself in knots on the bumpy road, I back off as I watch him disappear I knew there couldn’t be a better way to spend a Sunday morning, and look forward to a longer ride in two weeks.

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