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Rescue Service

The Highlands Classic and Enthusiasts Motorcycle Club (HCEMC) Rescue Service subsidises a breakdown motorcycle rescue service to HCEMC members where the HCEMC member’s motorcycle has broken down and requires transport. 



• HCEMC has established a “Rescue” Bank Account specifically for this service.

• The Rescue Service is for Motorcycle breakdown and is not intended as a Motorcycle pickup service. 

• HCEMC allocates an amount of $3000 per financial year (July 1st to June 30th). 

• If this amount is exceeded in the financial year further funds allocation will be raised to the HCEMC members for discussion. 

• If the allocated amount is not spent within the financial year the amount. remaining is rolled into the next year and the Rescue Bank Account topped up by HCEMC funds to the amount of $3000. 

• The HCEMC Treasurer will report financial details and usage of the Rescue Service at the monthly Club meetings. 

• The service is restricted to the amount of $300 for one pickup per member per financial year. 

• HCEMC will not be responsible for any mishap / damage to the member’s motorcycle or any other vehicle involved with the loading, travel and unloading of the vehicle. 



The following three Service Providers are providing the service in the first instance and can be contacted directly if a rescue is required. 


Service Providers 

Trevor Verhey – Dragon Motorcycle Repairs: 0403 489 460‬ (text HELP) 

Peter White – Old Mate Motorcycles: 0477 731 444

Andrew Buckley: 0400 835 836


The distance from the Highlands that the rescue can be achieved will depend on how far the three service providers are prepared to travel on the day, but a total retrieval time of 2.5 hours is seen as a reasonable maximum, the Service Providers are not obligated to pickup members motorcycles, in some cases it may be appropriate to contact a local Tow operator or Motorcycle Carrier. 


The Service Providers will be paid $120 per hour (hourly rate), including Tax for their time. The maximum the Club will reimburse for a rescue is $300.00 which equates to 2.5hours of the Service Provider's time. 

• Each Club Member is entitled to one pickup per financial year to the the total amount of $300 per financial year. 

• The Service providers will commence charging the hourly rate from the time they leave their Workshop to the time they return to their Workshop. 

• The HCEMC Member will be responsible for payment to the Service Provider for the total amount due for the pickup as invoiced by the Service Provider, the Club will reimburse the Member up to $300 or part thereof upon presenting a paid invoice. 

• The Invoice will show Service Providers time spent on the pickup and the location of the pickup. 

• If a member requires a motorcycle rescue that is outside the local limit (nominally 100 kilometres or more from Mittagong), or are unable to use any of the Service Providers they will be reimbursed a maximum of $300.00 towards the cost of the members motorcycle transport upon presentation of a copy of a paid invoice from the registered motorcycle carrier or towing company. 

• During each Financial Year Members will be limited to one rescue per financial year to the total of $300. 

• The service is for “breakdown” motorcycle retrieval only. 

• The HCEMC Member will pay the Service Provider and then contact the HCEMC Treasurer, by email, advising details of the rescue with receipts, requesting payment. 

• If approved by the HCEMC Committee the payment will then be transferred directly into the HCEMC Members nominated bank account. Treasurers email address is

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