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As a condition of Membership it is understood and agreed that Highlands Classic and Enthusiasts Motorcycle Club (HCEMC) exists purely to offer an opportunity for like-minded Motorcycle enthusiasts to ride and socialise together and nothing more.


  • All attendees should consider the club as an informal gathering of motorcyclists who will ride together in a loosely structured format.

  • The Club encourages some protocols when riding together such as nominating a Ride leader, Tail end rider and gathering points, either short or long stops along the ride route. These protocols are at the discretion of the riders on the day and is not enforced by the Club.

  • The club is operated and managed by a number of volunteers in their free time and these volunteers cannot accept any responsibility for any events that occur. These volunteers may or may not have taken any training/coaching.

  • Members are encouraged to volunteer to help with the operating of the club, for example by mapping and leading rides or helping to organise an event. 

  • It is the Members responsibility to make themselves aware of ride details such as the ride route Road and weather conditions and who the nominated Ride leader is and their contact details,.

  • It is the Members responsibility to ensure their motorcycle has current Registration (Club or Full) and is in good mechanical condition.

  • The club does not take responsibility for any injury, loss or damage that might arise as a result of participation in club activities. Every person attending the club must take full and complete responsibility for their own actions.

  • All attendees are expected to behave with mutual respect and in a way that does not endanger others or bring the club into disrepute. Not complying with this may result in termination of membership.


Please download and complete the application form and bring it to a meeting for committee approval. 

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