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Club Minutes - February 2024

Present: Paul Roodenrys, Rod Barrett, Greg Nelson, Michael Callaghan, Nick Tomlinson, Tony Moses, Robin Genero, Bill Fleming, Steve Roberts, John Ogden, Greg Blades, Cliff Elsgood, Chris Collins, Kevin Tubb, Rod Broadhead, Colin Bradley, Phil laxton, Rob McKellar, Anton Ferreira, AndrewHughes, Stephen Gee, Heff Cohen, Richard Robertson, John Diaz, David Henderson, Rob Hanna, Pat Rowley, Dennis Buys, Colin Sims, Kevin Roberts, Neal Toovey, Colin Fowler, Jenny Faulkner, Tony Holland.

Apologies: Chris Balvern, Paul Hurley, Lance Robertson, John Doyle, Mal Funchen. Mick Simpson.

Meeting Opened: Rod Barrett 7:08 pm

Minutes:  Accepted by Richard, seconded by Col

Treasurers Report by Greg Nelson:

Rediaccess Account: $1342.26

$44 in by M Waite

Debit Card Account: $253.34

Rescue Account: $2760.20

Total: $4399.80

Membership Report by Rob Hanna:

144 paid up members.

New Members:

  • Steve Roberts and Joyce Roberts BMW 1300R

  • Rob Mackellar. Ducati, Kawasakis

  • Anton Ferriera TTR250 GSX 1000

  • Dawn Valiant Ute 1966

  • Andrew BMW 200R1100R, FJ1200

  • Colin and Jenny Faulkner Kawasaki Z900RS and Kawasaki W800

  • Rod explained process for cars registered with the club. Pink ticket needed.

Ride Report:

  • Taralga rivers loop, good turn out, Kevin went to Oberon. 36 degree day, steaming hot.

  • Coffee ride, Jamberoo and back up Macquarie Pass.

  • John Diaz reported on the Tuesday dirt ride, rained, breakdowns and people fell off in the mud (Colin).  It was horrible, miserable and John says we should not do it again.

  • Niel went to Bunderberg 3500kms return. Ueroa, Tenterfield, Toowoomba, Bunderberg, returned same way. Took 2 days each way, would do it in three next time. Trumpy went well.

Upcoming Rides:

  • 24/25 Rylstone, 11 names. Book yourself accommodation.  Taralga, Oberon, O’Connell Rylstone, Mudgee, Windermere dam, Sofala, Rockley Pub, Crookwell, Home. Meet Sally’s Corner at 8.30.

Other Business:

  • Kevin Tubbs raised 100 year anniversary.  

  • Jeff Cohen reported club has offered our help to Goulburn Club, no formal response yet. Event has been taken over by higher bodies.

  • Col suggested club chip in $200 at the pub, John D suggests club pays for one fill up.

  • John D proposed club contributes to every overnight run.  Club advertised run open to all members.

  • Rod mentioned facebook page, web page, all rides come out on email calendar.  Sunday rides, dirt bike rides, SHiT ride Wednesday, classic bike ride Thursdays. 

  • Rod continuing hunt for new club stickers.

  • Cliff Elsgood, Harley Davidson handgrips with tassels for sale.

  • Cliff is also looking for Contessa Cota Parts.

New Bikes:

  • Cammo Callaghan has purchased an MZ250.  A multicultural garage. Non runner, paid too much, parts hard to get, unpopular and ugly. Fitting Mick’s normal criteria and resembling many club members.

  • Rod looking for a cruiser as he is old now and needs to slow down.


Richard reports he has corrected a glitch on the website that failed to display images and details of club merchandise, on mobile devices.

Meeting Closed: 7:52 pm. 

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