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Club Minutes – March 2024

Present (Hard Men): Rod Barrett, Greg Nelson, Michael Callaghan, Tony Moses, Robin Genero, John Ogden, Kevin Tubb, Colin Bradley,Stephen Gee, jeff Cohen, Richard Robertson, John Diaz, David Henderson, Rob Hanna, Colin Sims, Colin Faulkner, Jenny Faulkner, Anthony Hollany,John Pisani, Joe Fishburn, Ben Jensen, SImon Woffenden, Mick LEndrum, Chris Maloney, Rod Broadhead, Steve Roberts, Adrian Toscan, Chris Balven, MArk Clark, John Bunter, Garry Jeffery, Gary Chalker, Malcolm Campbell, Brett McMahon

Apologies  (Not So Hard Men): Lance Robertson, Mick Simpson,Pat Rowley, Paul The Rock Roodenrys


Meeting opened by HRH Rod Barrett at 7:05pm

Minutes of Previous Meeting:  Accepted by Beemer Greg Nelson, seconded by Tony Sunshine Moses

Treasurers Report:

Redi Access Acc: $2838.26

Debit Card: $253.34

Rescue Acc: $2763.38

  • Account balance is up due to annual membership subscriptions coming in.

  • Treasurer calls for slack arse members who haven’t paid for number plate surrounds to cough up. 

  • Treasurer reminds members that annual memberships are due, if paying by direct debit INCLUDE YOUR NAME AND MEMBERSHIP NUMBER so he can tell who has paid.

Membership Secretary Report:

Current membership 155 members

Renewals were sent last week, contact if you haven’t got one

Reminder to members that proof of membership needs to be carried when riding on club plates

Secretary’s Report:

Secretary has nothing to report as he is at home suffering from potentially fatal  attack of man flu, Michael Callaghan taking minutes in his stead.

Web Page Techno Guru Report:

Richard continues to do sterling work on the webpage. He has added a link on the web page to access club minutes and more importantly ride reports back to 2021. He will soon have a complete set of minutes stretching back into antiquity available

New Members:

We welcome Simon Woffenden, a man of exquisite taste who’s Guzzi V50 is nearing completion. He also rides/drives/pilots (?) a Honda ST1100 sidecar outfit.

Upcoming Rides:

Sunday 5 May Berry Bike show club ride leaving Moss Vale around 9:30

21-23 June 100th Anniversary of GP in Goulburn registrations for rally and dinner open

12 March Dirt bike Tuesday is on despite threats to cancel it after the horror of the last one

Sunday 17 March Lunch ride to Culburra via Bungonia, Nerriga, Nowra, back through Kangaroo Valley. A longer ride to sort out the hard men. Look to email for start time.

Ride Report:

Magellan Rod Barrett gave a run down of the truly excellent run up to Ryalstone on 24-25 Feb but failed to mention guiding the ride onto the never ending dirt road to the Causeway of Doom. Michael Callaghan took up the narrative and gave a sober factual description of that part of the ride free from any exaggeration whatsoever.

New Bikes:

Michael Callaghan purchased a Triumph Tiger 800 last weekend in order to better survive above mentioned Causeways of Doom. Michael’s wife suggests his obsession with bikes is not healthy.

Other Business:

John Pipes Diaz suggested that the club purchase a portable defibrillator and first aid kit to take on rides. Suggestion well received, John to get costings to present at next meeting where a vote will be taken but is likely a done deal. Logistics of storing kit discussed, Rob Hanna volunteered to set up a lock box to store it.

Kevin Tubb is unable to attend the 100th Anniversary of GP and suggests that someone else should take his bikes to display, looking for someone to take this on.

Annual General Meeting is slated for 8 April, office bearers to be elected, Rod Barrett is willing to continue his good work as president but would step aside without inciting a storming of the Capital Building if voted out, Greg Nelson will be stepping down as Treasurer so nominees  sought for that job, Rob Hanna happy to continue his marvellous work as Membership Secretary, Michael Callaghan will humbly accept nomination for Vice President despite the onerous responsibility of taking minutes once a year and sitting at the big table at meetings. The committee volunteered Paul Roodenrys to accept nomination for continuation as Secretary.

John Diaz  reminds all that Broadford bike weekend is on over easter, he is taking his VFR750 and CBR250, Sunshine Moses is taking Phil Marshal’s CBR250 and intends to ride it like the wild man he is.

A quick meeting is a good meeting, meeting closed at 7:39 pm.

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