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Ride Report - 17 Jan '21

Updated: Jun 23, 2022


The second club ride of the year and what a cracker it was ! Blue sky, light winds and 26 degrees max. Morning started chilly as per the Highlands. No biggy for the hard men ! Great turn out today 14 + riders. Usual suspects fronted. ( channelling Michael C here ). There was Bad influence Dennis - BMW”s well represented by Captain Colin and Rocket Rod. There was the Painter on his trusty and ever improving Suzuki1400. 3 Ducatis as well ! Splinter Neil on his classic. Rob on his pride and joy and some other Guy. Triumphs had a strong showing. 2 x Triumph Tigers- one owned by Chocolate frogs and Whiskey Pete. Ever present Mick on his trusty Triumph. I remember there was an Indian and classic Kawasaki…… As I am the author,there was only 1 Yamaha …. Enough said !

The Ride

Now we tried to install some rules and decorum. Tail end Charlie ? Riders stop on corners ?? A rider came up to me and asked ? So do they stick to the speed limit ??????????. Stifling a laugh that was going to lose my lung, I managed a yeah kinda … oh boy ! I felt sorry for the newbie ! Destination the GP monument at Windellama Rd Goulburn Via Highlands Way and Bungonia. We departed 9.10 am arrived 10.05am …… if you know the ride remember the time ? 55 mins. The leader got chased down and the middle order got rearranged and the tail changed multiple times. The warm up was Moss Vale to Marulan . Hangovers cleared , reflexes honed and brains un fogged and a pair of donkeys in Bundanoon wtf !!

First Middle Section: Marulan to GP Monument. It was entertaining and I think we all used a lot of fuel. I know I did . Someone says lets go to Grabben Gullen and Crookwell for a beer. First coffee in Goulburn and fuel. Rocket pipes up ! bugger that ! lets go to Taralga ! Argh Argh ! was the response . After a quick beer stop at the Grabben Gullen Pub. Interesting stop over that one ! Publican is into fast cars and Bikes and Seafood ! I love this Guy ! Splinter had an issue with the side stand.. on the Ducati. Side stand apologised and said it will never happen again.

Second Middle Section: Goulburn - Grabben Gullen - Crookwell- Taralga.

What a mottley crew is the SHEMC ! Havoc ensues with farm equipment trundling past the Pub .10 mins later we are all on the brakes ! A few of us waited in Crookwell and then onto Taralga. Good idea Rocket ! What a great piece of road. Once again the group is stretched out like a rubber band and all at a safe 100 kph !

Last Stage: Taralga - Goulburn - Fuel - Marulan Pub!

The group is starting to behave ! Maybe it was the long sweepers left and right that were all posted at 80kph ( guide only ) I am down to 1/3 of a tank at Taralga. This business of keeping up is chewing a lot of fuel. So I decide what all hard men would do !! Do not spare the horses …. Made it to Goulburn on fumes . Thats 3 tanks on 1 ride. We all refuel at Goulburn for the last run up the Hume for a beer at Marulan then home…….. Bad influence pulls up to me on the Hume at Mach 1 and reminds me to use my my Highway Pegs ! I smile and then relax…. finally !

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