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Club Minutes – April 2023


Gary Jeffery, Colin Bradley, Matthew Mitchell, Martin Elferink, Robin Genero, Chris Balvin, Shayne Turner, Paul Hahn, John Diaz, David Henderson, Kevin Tubb, Paul Hurley, Jeff Cohen, Mik Dubokovich, Michael Callaghan, Greg Nelson, Rod Barrett, Paul Roodenrys


Nic Tomlinson, David Bonillo, David Wilson, Richard Robertson.

Meeting Opened: 7:02 pm

Minutes Accepted:

Greg/ Michael


May meeting

Treasurer’s Report:

Redi Access Account: $528.78

Rescue Account: $2504.55

Debit Card: $314.34

Paypal: $1035


1: Membership 141, with 40 unpaid members. Please pay Greg or bank transfer.

2: Conversation re likelihood of being asked and being able to produce the log book and proof of membership. It is advised that we keep a receipt of club membership on us when we ride bikes on club plates.

3: Matt Mitchell possible new member. Guzzi V85, 81 SS Darmah. Welcomed by Rod on behalf of club.

Ride Reports:

John Diaz: Broadford was again a successful weekend away. Numbers were lower but a good time was had by all. Eighteen members made the trek to Broadford, very cold weekend, lot of bikes, most members took more than one bike. Phil knee down on SR500. John explained the bike/ rider categories. A well run event, flag marshals on each corner.

Bikes and Coffee:

A few turned up, cold and windy. Richard arrived on new Guzzi V85TT Travel.

Ride for Cancer:

John Pisani reported raising $6-7000. Stinking hot but good roll up.

Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride:

Rob Hanna has asked for volunteers for corner markers. It will be done a bit differently this year with corner markers stopping at the corner as the ride progresses. Please let Rob know if you are available to help.

Club Merchandise:

Rod has a zip up vest with logo. Warm and comfortable.

New Bikes (or old new bikes) in the Club:

Paul Hurley has sold his XR, bought a GS1250. Rod and Paul Hurley discussed merits of GS vs XR. It seems that every second bike in the club is now a GS. This is unfortunate as everybody knows the last good BMW was made in the ‘70s…

Restoration Updates:

1: Michael and his BSA – Nothing going well, proving to be a challenging resto. The paint work is finished and looks great despite Michael dropping a side cover while admiring his handiwork in the sunshine.

2: A brief discussion was had about the efficacy and value of the $150 ultra-sonic cleaner. Works well and worth the money.

3: Kevin Tubbs – His BSA is running well, snapped a clutch cable but replaced. Electronic ignition and other upgrades working very well. Digital speedo and mobile phone are period correct extras and came on all pre ‘60s Beezes…

Other Business:

1: John Pisani. Gave a big wrap to Batteries You need in Alcorn Street Bowral. Great service and very good pricing. Paul also confirmed the service and pricing ( phone them on 4861 6079).

2: VJMC National Run in Bendigo. Garry Jeffery went, took 250 and 350 RD. Holed his piston. Stinking hot but a good time was had.

Meeting Closed: 7:38 pm.

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