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Club Minutes – August 2023


Paul Roodenrys, Rod Broadhead, Anthony Holland, kevin Tubb, Alan Whiting, John Ogden, John Pisani, Richard Robertson, Chris Collins, Greg Blades, Jeff Cohen, Mick Lendrum, Kevin Roberts, Stephen gee, David Wilson, Ian Hamilton, Chris Belven, David Henderson, Joe Fishbourne, Tony Moses, Colin Bradley, Lance Robertson, Neal Toovey, Garry Jeffery, Phil Laxton, John Douliz, Martin Elfernick, Greg Nelson, Michael Callaghan, Bill Flemming, Rod Barrett.


Rob Hanna, David Bonillo, Michael Melov, Brett McMahon, Nick Tomlinson.

Meeting Opened: 7.03 pm by Rod Barrett


Passed by Greg Nelson. Seconded by Tony Moses

Treasurer’s Report by Greg Nelseon:

Everyday Account: $5038.40

Debit Card Account: $314.34

Rescue Account: $3003.39, topped up $587.40

Total: $8356.13


$400 deposit for first aid training.

Membership Secretary: No membership report

Richard. Web page. Thinks he has come up with a way to buy and sell. Setting up a Forum on web site, allow for chat and give us ability to put up for sale and wanted items. Will require moderators. Should be straightforward, integral part of the website. Will require a members’ area which club members will need to register for. A member’s area gives an option for other functions down the track.

Ride reports:

  • Michael Callaghan: Rides are going well on Sunday, good turn up. Run to Shoalhaven was very successful. Rod commented on ride home with Harley riders.

  • Mick Lendrum: Southern Highlands Imperial Tour Ride. Successful run with a good turn out, lot of more modern, higher capacity bikes. Mick spoke about ride being more a slow ride for smaller older classics. The routes are designed for slow riding.

  • Greg Blades: Italian Bike show, only 2 members in attendance. Very good show and would be nice if more members made the journey. Bike display, old rare. And new, interviews and forums. Troy Corser interviewed. Auction, swap meet. Very worthwhile and we should put on the calendar for 2024.

  • Richard Robertson: Took his Guzzi away for 5 days to Harrington, Port Macquarie, Walcha, Quirindi. Orange. Very cold ride home. Lots of vintage bikes at Crowdy head, Michael Callaghan’s father in law’s bike was featured in Richards photo on the web.

Bikes and Coffee:

9 September From 1.30pm

Side Car Rally:

15 October at Bradman Oval. Sidecars, trikes, 3 wheelers all welcome.

Other Upcoming Events:

  • Mick Lendrum spoke about the Sunday Slide at Nepean Speedway, Mick will be riding.

  • John Diaz: October 1 Hillclimb at Springdale. Sunday of long weekend. Pre 74, British and American bikes.

  • Possible ride to BSA Motorcycle International Rally at Hahndorf, SA, November 3-9 and then to Fish Holes Rally, Cape Bridgewater, Vic, November 10-13. TBA.

Other News:

Kevin Tubbs: Motorcycling history Tanya Harris, first woman who raced speedway in NSW. Passed away recently at 94.

New Bikes:

No reports.


  • Tony Moses. Picked up a couple of 200cc Ag bikes, trying to get a couple of bikes going to provide to Tudor House school for riding lessons. Bikes have been donated by various people around the highlands.

  • Mike ‘The Bike’ Mellov has a bike collection that Tony Moses was greatly impressed by.

Motorcycle accident training:

Twenty booked. First Aid Motorcycle Accident Training at MV Services Club, 10th September in the Camellia Room 10am for 10:30 start, coffee available from 10, landed on 23 total attending, now closed

Christmas Celebration. Proposals:

  • Do the same as last year, $10 contribution and ride. At Schmokin’

  • Or Carvery lunch at Schmokin’ $25 per head, sponsored by club

  • Breakfast and ride or lunch with ride in the morning

John Diaz asked if we should also consider other venues, Rod explained that we are open to other venues if somebody is willing to provide options. Kevin Roberts asked if we needed to explore other options. Richard spoke in favour of breakfast at Schmokin’. Decision will be held over to allow for alternatives. Date needs to be confirmed. Maybe second Sunday, 10 December? Forty one members attended last year’s do at Schmokin’.

Other business:

  • Throttle Roll:

Sunday 2 October. $35 or $50 at the door

Throttle Roll is motorcycle themed street party from the founders of Sydney café races. It will be held in Marrickville on the 2nd of October. Bands, food, beer and bikes.:

The long-awaited return of Throttle Roll will finally arrive on the October Long Weekend, with custom bikes, live bands and booze; bringing together the fun and frivolity of Australian motorcycling culture. This isn’t your typical motorcycle event, though; while some of the country’s wildest motorcycle builds will be on display, Throttle Roll has built a reputation since its first event in 2013 to celebrate the lively culture of this creative community. Think rock and roll, swinging hips and singing lips. It’s a celebration of the creativity and passion behind the niche subculture of custom motorcycles.

On October 2nd, 2023, the streets of Marrickville will roar to life as thousands of motorcycle lovers and pleasure-seekers gather for a day of unparalleled fun and festivities. Expect an epic display of custom-built motorcycles, each a masterpiece of engineering and design. From vintage classics to modern machines, Throttle Roll Street Party is a wet dream for all motorcycle enthusiasts and aesthetes alike.

The unassuming industrial street will come alive with artist and brand displays, showcasing their passions. Supported by some of the most iconic motorcycle and lifestyle brands, including Royal Enfield, MV Agusta, Triumph, Harley Heaven, BMW Motorrad, Gasoline Motor Co, Fantic, Brough Superior, Deus, Shannons, Savic Motorcycles, Super73, SA1NT, SKRAM Eyewear and more. Headline bands include Papa Pilko & The Binrats, XOLO (formally the Frankie’s World Famous House Band), Howlin Alvarez & Drey Rollan, The Stripp, and more! Close out the long weekend surrounded by good vibes and rock and roll, all while reveling in the fun-loving culture of custom motorcycles.

  • Jeff Cohen: Medical syringes available for mechanical purposes, gardening, water pistols, oiling chainsaws. 400 available, free see Jeff.

  • Greg Nelson: Reported on his CTR. Bike was re-birthed and is now in police custody. This explains his trouble getting registration.

  • Alan: 6 Ilse-Of-Man stamps for stamp collectors see Alan Whiting.

Meeting Closed: 7.51 pm. Next Meeting 11/09/23

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