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Club Minutes - December 2022


Richard Robertson, Allan Whiting, Stephen Gee, Denis Buys, Alan Key, Michael Callaghan, Andrew Buckley, Colin Sims, Jeff Andrews, Robin Genero, John Pisani, John Ogden, Pat Rowley, Jeff Cohen, Mik Dubokovich, Chris Maloney, Rob Hanna, john Diaz, Rod Barrett, Greg Nelson, Kevin Roberts, Tony Moses, Paul Roodenrys.

Apologies: Nick Tomlinson, David Bonillo, Brett McMahon

Meeting Commenced 7:06

Treasurers Report: Greg Nelson.

Rediaccess/chq account: $4149.56

Rescue Account: $3010.77

Debit card: $314.34



Club Christmas breakfast

Pleasing roll up for the Christmas breakfast followed by a pleasant ride and a very enjoyable BBQ at Kevin’s. A big thankyou to Kevin and Mrs Roberts for having us again and also to John Diaz for the very tasty paella. We had 43 attended the breakfast.

Ride Reports

Tasmania. The trip to Tasmania was a great success with the eight riders having a very enjoyable trip. The weather was mostly fine with rain on the way to Geelong. The boat ride was very crowded both ways and Covid afflicted several riders. Blue skies and sunshine was present from Devonport onwards. This fine weather was attributed to Tony Moses’ uncanny ability to attract good weather. A discussion ensued as to how we could have Tony or parts of him accompany every ride so that we always had good weather.

The Dirty Riders. Had another successful ride travelling along the Wombeyan Caves Road to Wombeyan Caves, Taralga and home via Swallow Tail. Bikes ranged from 250 trail bikes to a larger machines and all had a dirty and dusty great time. Total distance about 200km.

Kevin Roberts described a ride he calls the Three falls Ride he went on with his brother and a friend. The ride took in Minnumurra, Fitzroy and Belmore Falls.

Bikes and Coffee at Berrima

Our last Bikes and Coffee gathering at Schmokin’ had good attendance and fine sunny weather.

Ride Calendar

Sunday 18/12 Modern Bike Ride, meet at Scmokin’ Berrima 9.30 for 10pm start.

Old Bike Ride Thursday 22/12 Meet at Bradman Oval. 9am for 9.30 start.

Shed Ride Friday 23/12 Meet at Bradman Oval.

Dirt bike ride Tueday 10 january 2023

14 January 2023 Bikes and Coffee.

New Bikes and newly road worthy bikes.

John Diaz purchased a Honda 400/4 from Michel Callaghan. A lovely restoration by Michael who is clearly obsessive. Unfortunately, John was spotted running out of fuel at the Berrima Crossing on the way to Cars and Coffee on his new Honda 400/4. Luckily, John remembered he could turn the fuel tap to reserve and was saved the ignominy of using the club breakdown service.

Clem also has a new blue bike but details are scarce at this stage.

Rod Barrett did an excellent full restoration on a BMW R65 and following Doc Callgahan’s lead finished it before lunch on the day he started. Seriously though, these two blokes are very motivated restorers.

Paul Roodenrys, meanwhile, took 9 months to put a new carby on his Yamaha SR500. It is now on club plates and is making a noisy presence at club rides.

John Pisani had some issues with a piston finding religion (it got holey) and now has a nice new engine in his Suzuki 750 Waterbottle.

Club Web Page

Richard is progressing on the new club web page, there will be space for high resolution photos of a good size. A general discussion regarding content, including a wanted and for sale section ensued.

Club merchandise:

Available from Phresh Prints, they have an online catalogue to choose from. When you have chosen the item you want it is best to ring the store and speak to them regarding the club logo.

Contact Tam on 0413420021, Vinh on 0419232240r Unanderra NSW or

New Business:

Club Calendar: Colin Sims floated an idea to have a club calendar featuring members bikes. The idea was well received though John Diaz’s suggestion we include the bikes owners nude was met with some scepticism. The calendar idea will be further investigated next year.

Club Business cards:

Andrew Buckley proposed we have some club business cards with club details, meeting time and contact details. Idea was widely approved. Rod Barrett will organise. Moved by Andrew, seconded by Mik.

Club Photo bomb

The Club Photo Bomb idea, with the aim of promoting club activities is still being worked through and will be presented to the meeting with further detail in the new year. The general discussion on this matter included prizes, monthly or once a year and how and who would judge the entries. A decision will be made at the next meeting.

Club Stickers

New and improved club stickers to include the club website will be ordered

Alan Whiting:

Alan spoke about promoting the club at a council event in February, Rod will be contacted by a council representative.

Canassist Bike Show

Proposed for a Saturday in February at the Bong Bong Racecourse. Can assist has asked for club support with helpers needed on the day and by members bringing bikes along.

BMW liquid cooled shaft drive bikes have a service issue. See Greg Nelson for more details if you are unaware of this.

Meeting Closed at 8.14pm.

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