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Club Minutes – February 2023


Chris Collins, Chris Maloney, Lance Robertson, Colin Bradley, Robin Genero, John Ogden, Tony Moses, Kevin Tubbs, Bruce Adams, Roger Mautil, Michael James Callaghan, Stephen Gee, Greg Blades, John Pisani, Rob Hanna, Richard Robertson, Pat Rowley, Dennis Buys, Mik Dubokovich, Jeff Cohen, Neal Toovey, Colin Sims, Paul Hurley, Alan Bird, Rod Barrett, Paul Roodenrys, John Diaz, Greg Nelson.

Apologies: Mick Simpson, David Bonillo, David Wilson.

Meeting Opened: 7:06

Rod welcomed all.

Minutes Accepted: Dennis/Tony and passed without amendment.

Treasurers Report by Greg Nelson:

Redi Access: $3282.40

Rescue: $2798.26

Debit: $ 314.34

BDCU have affiliated with Bendigo bank which changes acc numbers. For membership renewals there will be new BSB and account numbers which will be circulated with the minutes.

Rob will put new numbers on the renewal form. Be wary of saved numbers with internet banking. New cards activated 24 Feb, 4 march change over. Should not be an issue.

Membership: Rob reported 140 members, no new members but 2 new forms have been sent out. One new expression of interest in joining club.

Ride Reports:

1: Gunning/Crookwell Ride. Nine riders started three completed the whole Monument, Gunning, Crabben Gullen, Crookwell, Taralga, home ride. With one deflating tyre and riders turning for home at different stages of the ride the nine starters reduced to three who completed all stages of the ride. A very pleasant ride with fine weather, terrific riding and good companionship. An early lunch at the Merino Café in Gunning was very welcome.

2: Dirty Riders Report: Lance took the riders into his property deep in the forest inside water board territory. Below township of The Oaks. Spectacular scenery and challenging riding made for an enjoyable day. Property is locked in by surrounding Crown land and Water Board land. Lance has invited the group back in the cooler months. The riders reported a terrific day.

Upcoming Rides:

1: Tuesday 14 February dirt ride: Proposed ride is Langs Road. Off the Wombeyan Caves road.

2: Coast to Mountains 24/26 Feb, Mick Simpson coordinator. Meeting point MV Showground 9am, route through Kangaroo Valley. There is still some accommodation for those wishing to attend.

3: Bathurst: Overnight to Bathurst Sat/Sunday April 1: Staying at the Rydges or participants are welcome to source their own accommodation. Ride will be leaving around 10am. The route is to be determined and circulated along with location of the ride start.

Sunday Ride Coordinator: Rod asked if anyone was interested in taking on the role, perhaps 2 members to share the load. Dennis suggested a survey of members to determine ride destinations and routes, preferred length of ride, distance, lunch destination, mix of rides. Club discussion of how we can best coordinate the Sunday rides.

Sunday Ride Start Times have been changed, please check emails before the ride as start times and meeting points may change due to ride destinations. Most Sunday rides will start from Scmokin’ at Berrima, leaving at 8.30 am.

Members Bikes (new bikes, old bikes, bikes restored and bikes sold):

1: Comrade Michael has bought a ’69 Ural. His New Year’s resolution not to by shitty old motorbikes and not to drink so much beer had failed by Jan 13. This coincided with the motorcycle God in her wisdom allowing him to find a dead Ural in Goulburn and a new Ural motor in Northern NSW in the same week. With fate providing such an opportunity it would have been a crime for him not to buy both. Real Soviet technology and engineering.

2: Rod is having ongoing relationship problems with his Yamaha.

Club Web Site:

1: Richard reported the new club website is going live very soon. There are galleries for different classes of bikes. Most of the information is on the homepage with a link. New content should be presented via email to Richard to begin with but the process will be refined. Rod expressed the clubs gratitude to him putting so much effort in. Will have .com status as well as

The intention is to include a market place (buy/sell/ wanted). 2: Rod said Phresh Prints will put a page together to go on the club website.

Business Cards: Rod ordered 500, available next meeting.

Motorcycling NSW has not responded yet to queries about club liability as discussed last meeting. The new website has disclaimer, which will also be on new membership renewal document which must be signed before a member can renew their membership. Without club membership any club plate is invalid.

Colin Sims presented a scenario where a member has an accident on a club ride and posed the question ‘Who is responsible?’ Paul R to continue to seek advice re liability. Rod read out the club draft Terms of Membership.

Terms of Membership (for further refinement)

As a condition of Membership it is understood and agreed that Highlands Classic and Enthusiasts Motorcycle Club (HCEMC) exists purely to offer an opportunity for like-minded Motorcycle enthusiasts to ride and socialise together and nothing more.

* All attendees should consider the club as an informal gathering of motorcyclists who will ride together in a loosely structured format.

* The Club encourages some protocols when riding together such as nominating a Ride leader, Tail end rider and gathering points, either short or long stops along the ride route. These protocols are at the discretion of the riders on the day and is not enforced by the Club.

* The club is operated and managed by a number of volunteers in their free time and these volunteers cannot accept any responsibility for any events that occur. These volunteers may or may not have taken any training/coaching.

* Members are encouraged to volunteer to help with the operating of the club, for example by mapping and leading rides or helping to organise Club activities.

* It is the Members responsibility to make themselves aware of ride details such as the ride route Road and weather conditions and who the nominated Ride leader is and their contact details,

* It is the Members responsibility to ensure their motorcycle has current Registration (Club or Full) and is in good mechanical condition.

* Motorcycle riding is a dangerous activity, the Club does not take responsibility for any injury, loss or damage that might arise as a result of participation in club activities. Every person attending the club must take full and complete responsibility for their own actions.

* All attendees are expected to behave with mutual respect and in a way that does not endanger others or bring the club into disrepute. Not complying with this may result in termination of membership.

John Diaz put forward a motion to get a written legal opinion on the issue of liability particularly for office bearers. John then resigned as VP as he is concerned this issue is not being dealt with. Kevin Tubb spoke about his experiences with United World Concert Tours and event insurance and offered to contact his broker regarding liability insurance.

(Ian Stack Event Insurance broker (0294113477). In further discussions regarding liability and insurance cover Greg Nelson mention a barrister and retired judge that goes to Pete’s on Fridays and asking his view, we discussed asking other clubs what their experiences are, Pat Rowley has business dealings with Marsden Lawyers and offered to contact them and ask for an opinion.

Mick is heading back to Broken Hill where he is a member of the local club and will se what their arrangements are.

Paul Roodenrys will seek further advice regarding obtaining a written legal opinion on our liability. This issue has proven to be quite contentious with many differing views. The general consensus seems to be though that we need to have a clear understanding of possible liabilities and ways to protect the club, club members and office bearers in the event of legal action.

Other business:

1: Ride For Cancer John Pisani : The local Canassist charity are organising the ride for cancer at Berrima. This gathering is in place of the proposed event at Bong Bong Racecourse and is a precursor to organising a larger event. The gathering has attracted a lot of attention with many clubs indicating they will attend. 19th March at Schmokin’, Berrima. Over 140 clubs have been invited. Destination Southern Highlands are onboard. Rod moved motion for club to donate $500 for raffle. Seconded by Tony Moses. Mik suggested considering the Zen Oasis as a possible venue for a larger gathering in future years.

2: Cars and Coffee. Report regarding the meeting regarding cars and Coffee. The gathering is very strongly supported and will continue to happen each month as there is no legal basis for it to be stopped. People who attend are asked to be considerate of locals when parking, arriving and leaving.

3: Paul spoke about the importance of our club members having cordial friendly relations. Nobody comes here to be harangued or argue. It is a social club and the friendship and camaraderie we find amongst like-minded fellow enthusiasts needs to be nurtured as it is the most important part of our club.

Meeting closed 8.23

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