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Club Minutes – June 2023


Rod Barrett, Greg Nelson, Paul Roodenrys, Michael Callaghan, Anthony Holland, Phil Laxton, Robin Genero, Chris Balven, Kevin Tubb, Chris Maloney, Rob Hanna, Mark Clark, Mick Lendrum, Roger martin, Kevin Roberts, Colin Sims, John Flint, Dennis Buys, Jeff Cohen, Tony Moses, Andrew Buckley, Rod Broadhead, David Bonillo, Mal Campbell, Mick Simpson, Stuart Garrard, Neal Toovey, Alan Whiting, Richard Robertson.


Colin Bradley, Lance Robinson.

Meeting Opened: 7.04 pm by Rod Barrett

Minutes Accepted:


Treasurer’s Report:

Everyday Rediaccess Account: $6410.88

Debit Card Account: $314.34

Rescue Account: $2409.75

Discussion of finance and payment of accounts and purchases:

- Treasurer raises payment. Pres and Vice Pres are signatories

- Member ship secretary signatory.

- Treasurer holds debit card, back up debit card held by ?

- Rob Hanna suggested some overlap.

Closing Bendigo Accounts, two accounts with Commonwealth Bank.

Membership Report:

139 members, 19 haven’t paid. Rob will follow up with some.

Kevin Roberts tendered his official resignation as Public Officer.

New Members:

Rod Broadhead is restoring a BSA Bantam that he first learnt to ride on many years ago.

Mark Clark is rebuilding a Bultaco Alpina and also rides a DR 250.

Ride Reports: 1: Rod Barrett: Rod reported on his trip to Europe. “fkn’ unreal. Rode BMW F900R

Very good bike, Munich, Alps, bit of rain, passe in clouds and mist northern tly weather great into Tuscony, LaSpezia, on the Mediterranean. Very picturesque, picturesque everywhere. Fast open ride but respected town limits. Italian drivers are very courteous for bikes. Corsica, French province, one big racetrack, good roads, twisties, mountains, beaches. Pigs were a hazard. Caused Rod a stressful moment. If you ever get an opportunity to ride Corsica, do it. Nice to French Alps. Swiss like to enforce road rules. No guard rails. Be responsible for own self. Blue sky and sunshine up Pass, top, ice cold wind miserable, fog snow on the way down, 10 minutes later sunshine and blue skies. 29 days of great rides. Travelled with OzAlps You can find them on the WWW. Oz Alps 3 trips a year. Variety of trips offered. Cost: $479 au per day plus air fairs and spends. Rod highly recommends.

2: Anthony Holland: Question re transporting a bike to Bowral.

3: Richard: 2 return trips to London in 3 weeks. Not by motorbike. He cheated and flew business class. Also, R90S and Guzzi rides…

4: Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride:

Almost $13,000 raised by nearly 80 riders. A very pleasant ride route winding through the countryside. Cold but clear weather. Thanks to Peter White from Old Mate Motorcycles for running the recovery service this year giving Trev from dragon Motorcycle a chance to ride. A Vote of thanks to Rob Hanna and his helpers for organising such a good local event. 80% of money raised by the DGR goes to charity. Money goes through the Movember Foundation. Rob suggests we donate club donation of $500 directly to Movember. Motion to donate direct to Movember by Rob Hanna seconded by Rod Barrett, passed by meeting.

Next Bikes and Coffee: 8 July.

Dirty Riders: Tuesday 13 July.

New Business:

Trail ends July, committee proposes to bring rescue account back up to $3000, all conditions remain the same. 1 rescue per year. Rod asked for any member to put in writing any suggestions or concerns to be discussed at the July meeting, As of July if there are no issues the rescue service will become a fixture, if there are issues the trial will continue until issues are sorted.

Sunday Rides:

Michael Callahan

  • Winter rides 9.30 start @ Schmokin’ or the clock in Mossy for shorter rides.

  • Summer rides 9.00 start @ Moss vale Clock.

  • Start points may change so read emails.

  • First Sunday of the month: < 100km ride

  • Third Sunday of the month: > 100km

Michael will put together a list of rides.

  • Shorter rides meet at clock in MV

  • Longer rides start with a coffee at Schmokin’.

Discussion re starting points being adjusted to destination. Decision to meet at MV Clock. Colin. Michael Simpson seconded meet at MV Clock. Passed by meeting.

  • SHIT ride start at Bradman Oval.

  • Thursday ride also from Bradman Oval.

Rob suggested a Mid week lunch ride. Any interest? Once or twice a month? Every other Tuesday. The general attitude was to give it a go.

Michael Simpson gave a rundown on the upcoming Mudgee Ride. Meet at the Shell Sutton Forest at 8.30. Friday: Crookwell, Tuena, Milthorpe, Bathurst. Saturday: Hillend and Hargreaves. Home on Sunday home through Rylstone. Book your own accommodation.

Rod Barrett: Information for club members. Motorcycle Council of NSW $25 per member many benefits.

Other Business:

  • Tony: Needed contacts to bring a bike from The Entrance.

  • Chris: Classic Motorcycle meeting this weekend in MV, Push off at 9.30, lunching at Bundanoon Oval.

  • Greg Nelson led a scholarly discussion on chassis and engine numbers. No letter I or O, 1s and 0s only.

  • Mal Campbell is a club officer but was not mentioned in the AGM minutes. Mal is also able to certify bikes as well as Trevor Verhey, Peter White and Graham McAndrew

Bike Certification:

Dragon Motorcycles Mittagong

Trevor Verhey

2/5-7 Cavendish St, Mittagong NSW 2575

Old Mate Motorcycles, Mittagong

Peter White

04 777 31 444

Graham McAndrew 0419630993

Malcolm Campbell 0408483347

  • Richard. Wanted to mention the club website. Check it out. Michael suggested the club registrars are placed on the website.

  • Chris Maloney is not Canadian. (Sorry Chris)

Meeting closed: Approx. 8.15. pm. Next meeting 10/07/2023.

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