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Club Minutes – March 2023

Updated: Mar 18, 2023


Rod Barrett, John Bunter, Chris Maloney, David Hendeson, Ben Jenson, Kevin Tubb, David Hanke, Michael Callaghan, Stephen Gee, Nick Tomlinson, Lance Robertson,Colin Bradley,Jeff Cohen, Dennis Buys, Neal Toovey, Kevin Roberts, Garry Chalker, Graham McAndrew, John Pisani, Mick Simpson, John Ogden, Robin Genero, Tony Moses, Greg Nelson, Alan Bird.


Col Sims, John Diaz, Andrew Buckley, Richard Robertson, Paul Roodenrys, Rob Hanna, Alan Whiting, Brett McMahon, David Bonillo, David Wilson, Mik Dubokovich, Philip Laxton, Mal Cambell, Chris Balvern, Stu Garrard.

Meeting Opened: 7:05 pm


Minutes Accepted:

Dennis Buys/Michael Callaghan

Treasurers Report:

Redi Access Account: $3785.31

Rescue Account: $2501.99 (two claims to date)

Debit Card: $314.34

1: Greg reported frustrations with Bendigo Bank at changeover from BDCU, it was agreed to look at changing BankGreg will look into this.

2: KevinR suggested we should look for an account that pays interest.

3: Greg requested PayPal not be used for paying Membership fees, Cash or Bank Transfer preferred


1: Rob sends apologies he’s in Tassie, he is updating Memberships as they are being renewed

2: No new Members at the meeting, Guest Hans Buys attended

Secretary's Report:

No report as Paul is cruising Central Oz.

General Business:

1: Discussion regarding AGM falling on Easter Monday, agreed to move AGM to the May meeting.

2: Membership Secretary Rob Hanna and the Club Official Kevin Roberts will not be available for renomination.

3: Vacant Vice President position – RodB nominated Michael Callaghan, agreed by unanimous show of hands.

4: RodB…… Liabilities, Risk and terms of membership, everyone has a copy of Paper sent after the last meeting, no written negative responses or argument received.

5: Kevin Tubb found by enquiry that insurance companies are not insuring Clubs for Motoring events.

6: RodB relayed that MickD had spoke to Broken Hill MCC, they have Liability Insurance but hold paying events throughout the year which is different to our Club. Should we decide to hold paying events in future we would look at appropriate Event Insurance.

7: Kevin Roberts reiterated that as an Incorporated Association our liability would only be the Clubs assets and Individuals cannot be held liable. The Club Official can be fined max $200 if Dept of Fair Trading reporting rules are not followed.

8: Rod went through D&O (Directors and Officials) Insurance as offered by MNSW, not relevant for our Club.

Club Liability Insurance and Terms of Membership statement:

Unanimously agreed that the Club does not require Liabilities Insurance for our current operations and the issue should be put to bed. No objections raised to the Terms of Membership, which can be found on the Web Page.

New Business Cards:

Available and handed around, contact RodB if you want some

Ride Reports:

1: Coast to Mountains – Great ride had by all, Day 2 was a big day, Narooma/Bomballa/Dalgetty/Jindabyne/Adaminaby/Tumut, maybe break up Day 2 and stop overnight at Buckleys Pub Dalgetty next time?

2: SHED Ride – Michael Callaghan reported a good ride, with rain and sunshine. It was noted that Tony Moses had a haircut which may have accounted for the rain showers.

Upcoming Rides:

1: Ride for Cancer – 19th March @ schmokin Berrima, buy raffle tickets two prizes $500 each – John Pisani

2: Bathurst Overnight – 1st-2nd April. Meetup details to be provided.

3: Bikes and Coffee – next is Easter Saturday 8th.

4: DGR Sunday 21ST May – RobH has called for assistance on the day with corner markers, will be a different route to previous years.


Web site now live – thanks Richard!

Club Merch:

Can be purchased from phreshprints individually, see new range on the website.

New Bikes (or old new bikes) in the Club:

Greg Nelson has a new old one.

Restoration Updates:

KevinT is rebuilding his Square Four Ariel

Next Meeting:

April meeting to go ahead on Easter Monday despite some being away at Broadford.

No new business.

Meeting closed 8:23 pm.

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