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Club Minutes – May 2024

Present:  Paul Roodenrys Rod Barrett, Rob Hanna, Shaun O’Rourke, Anthony Holland, Stephen Gee, Jeff Cohen, Chris Balven, Chris Tidyman, Jeff Cohen

Mark Clark, Kevin Tubb, Rod Broadhead, John Diaz, Mal Campbell, David Henderson, Mick Simpson, David Bonillo, Colin Bradley, Colin Sims, Andrew Buckley, Garry Jeffery, Ben Jensen

Apologies:  Richard Robertson, Greg Nelson, Mick Dubrovnik, Peter White, Kevin Roberts, Mick Wade, Lance Robertson, John Pisani, Tony Moses, Nick Tomlinson.

Meeting opened 7.05 by President Rod Barrett

Previous Minutes:  Moved Rod Barrett, seconded Rob Hanna, accepted by everyone.

Treasurers report: Greg Nelson apology 

Membership Rob Hanna: 144 members, 6 outstanding, Rob is chasing them up.

Web Page: Richard apology

Ride Reports

Mick Simpson:  Rode North, took North Connects tunnel 20 degrees going in 29 degrees by the time he got to the end.  Taree, Coopernook, Thunderbolts, Werris Creek, Mudgee, home. 1600 kms. Good ride.  No report on the temperature for the rest of the ride.  Club secretary rather impressed that Mick has a bike with a thermometer.

Upcoming Rides:

Dirt Bike Tuesday 11/6/24

Pheasants Wood June 14, Friday.  Track day, Leathers not essential. Beginner/ intermediate/ advanced.  Open pits so you can ride as much as you want.  A tight, twisty track, should be a lot of fun.  You don’t have to ride, you can go along and watch.

Bulli Bike Show: 24th & 25th August. More information at next months meeting.


General Business:  

Reflective stickers. Around $5 per sticker, Rod proposes we buy 100 and distribute to club members.  Discussion regarding legality of stickers on the helmet.  Concerns regarding stickers possibly degrading the helmet.  Colin googled it and according to google it is legal (but it is not recommended to put them on the visor). 

New Bikes/ old bikes/ broken bikes:  

Serial offender Michael Callaghan has bought a Kawasaki 250, it fits his usual criteria ie unpopular, hard to get parts for and doesn’t run. Apart from that it’s perfect.

John Diaz is after an 04 Augusta.  He also knows someone with a mint CB900 who won’t sell.

Anthony Holland had a question regarding the fuel solenoid on his Kawasaki.  Was hoping to find someone who knows what they are talking about.  Won’t find that here.

General Business: 

John Diaz proposes we move Coffee and Bikes to 12 noon during winter due to the coldness of the weather. Suggested that we keep at this time all year. Passed unanimously.

Lunch ride this Sunday, destination:  Somewhere warm.  Decided to ride to Geroa Fisherman’s Club.  Meeting 10 for 10.30 start.  Watch for email this week. Hope for good weather.

Meeting closed 7:29.

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