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Club Minutes – May 2023


Clem Flanagan, John Ogden, Phil Laxton , John Doyle, Colin Bradley, Lance Robertson, Garry Jeffery, Alan Bird, Robin Genero, Chris Balven, Kevin Tubb, Ben Johnsen, David Hanke, David Henderson, Stephen Gee, Allan Whiting, Rob Hanna, Richard Robertson, John Pisani, Dennis Buys, Tony Moses, Jeff Cohen, John Diaz, Michael Callaghan, Garry Chalker, Colin Sims, Mik Dubokovich, Duncan Craft, Andrew Buckley, David Wilson, Neal Toovey, Peter White, Brett McMahon, Mick Simpson, Kevin Roberts, Greg Nelson, Rod Barrett, Paul Roodenrys.


Stuart Garrad, Zeb Dubokovich, Chris Maloney.

Meeting Opened: 7:10 pm

Minutes Accepted:


Treasurer’s Report:

Everyday Account: $6130.88

Rescue Account: $2507.13

Debit Card Account: $314.34

Paypal account is now closed, please do not use.

Rod: Rescue account still in the trial phase, during the June meeting it will be discussed and reviewed.

Membership Report:

There are still a few to pay dues. We have 142 members if everybody renews.

New Members:

Tony Holland. Tony has just moved from Sydney to Bowral. He rides a V-Max 1600. Tony comes from Canada. Tony rides to work but found it very wet and cold today. Doesn’t Canada have snow for 9 months of the year and an average temperature of minus 15ºC?

Ride Reports:

1: Dapto Dave was the only rider to turn up for the Sunday ride. The rest of us were too smart and stayed home.

2: Richard went for a ride on his R90s, it was a very good ride until he needed the rescue service.

3: Richard also went for a three-day ride on his Spyder to Bermaguie and home via Tumut.

4: Dave Hanke rode to the Kimberlys and back via GOR on his BMW.

5: Welcome home to Duncan who is visiting from the North Coast.

6: John D, Col Simms and Duncan did the Kangaroo Valley - Macquarie Pass loop.

7: Michael, rode the Bungendore loop.

Next Bikes and Coffee: May 13. From 1:00 pm.

Martin from Schmokin’ has had health issues but seems to be recovery well.

Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride (DGR):

1: Rob Hanna reminded us it’s on Sunday week. Start and finish at the Mill in Bowral. A Club Team has been set up to join the ride, the club then sponsors the team. Must register to ride. Discussion re DGR and $500 donation passed with 2 dissensions.

2: John Diaz raised concerns re how much money goes to the good works and how much is in costs. Clem raised the point that all charities have this issue. Where does donating to charities end?

3: Dirty Riders Tuesday 8th. 150 km loop.

4: Greg Nelson's ride in June – Friday 16 to Sunday 18. Sally’s Corner to Kelso via Trunkey Creek, Mudgee, Hill End. Return through Rylstone. All welcome.

Club Merchandise:

1: Have a look on the website, suppliers are efficient and ordered stuff arrives promptly.

2: Question from Kevin regarding key rings. New members get a key ring.

New Bikes:

1: John D has purchased a 2017 Valkirie Gen 2 with 3900 km on it. Not like anything he has owned before but is really enjoying it.

2: Richard bought a 2021 Moto Guzzi V85 TT Travel adventure bike and very happy with it.

3: Michael continues his prodigious output of restored bikes with the Enfield now on its wheels. He is making solid progress and the next bike up is the Ural.

4: Phil has finished his bike shed. There are four bikes in at the moment but itcould hold seven…

Other Business:

1: John Diaz raised concerns re how much money goes to the good works when we donate to DGRand how much is in costs. A discussion followed regarding our club supporting charities. Clem raised the point that all charities face the issue of administration costs versus how much go to the target. The DGR appears to donate a large proportion of money raised with only genuine costs to run the event world-wide coming out of money raised. Triumph is a major sponsor of the event and as a sponsor gets the exposure of being linked to the event but makes no money from the event.

2: John D wants discussion of how expenditure of club finance to benefit the members. Perhaps on rides, overnighters, etc. This is an issue we will return to at future meetings.

3: Michael Callaghan raised the membership of Motorcycling NSW. They provide liability and provision during events which costs about $100 per event. The type of cover does not really apply to our club activities and the club cannot afford to pay the cover fee for each of our activities. MC point of view thinks that they are not value for money and we need to decide whether we pay our dues or let it lapse.

The meeting Discussed the merits of membership with the political representation made by Motorcycling NSW raised. We had a vote on whether to continue membership or not. The majority of members present voted to not continue membership. Rod pointed out that the Motorcycling Council Association also does this and has no association fee.

4: Council Historic MC: Mick D reported on this organisation and raised the question do we need to be a member of an association, why and what is the benefit to us. John D, will Motorcycling NSW support us in the event of legal strife if it isn’t a sanctioned event? Kevin R, they are a voice in politics. Greg N. National Motorcycle alliance, also contributes to a voice.


1: Richard reported there are some more pictures added and there was possibly an email issue but everybody said they were getting emails.

2: Rob said look at the calendar for upcoming events. You can do it on your iPhone, computer or other device.

3: If you are having trouble with emails or website contact Richard or Rob H.

Meeting Closed: 7:52 pm

2023 AGM

Kevin Roberts Club officer presided

Thanked committee

President: Rod nominated and elected unopposed.

VP: Michael Callaghan nominated and elected unopposed.

Treasurer: Greg Nelson nominated and elected unopposed.

Secretary: Paul Roodenrys nominated and elected unopposed.

Membership Secretary: Rob Hanna nominated and elected unopposed

Sunday Ride Coordinator: Position vacant

Dirt Bike Ride Coordinator: Position vacant

Southern Highlands Imperial Tour Coordinator: Mick Lendrum

Thursday Ride:

Sunday Ride: Do we need a coordinator? Whoever turns up makes the decision on where we go. Rides should be discussed at meeting.

Three General Committee Members: Richard Robertson, Andrew Buckley, John Pisani. All elected unopposed.

Historic Vehicle Register:

Trev Verhey, Peter White,

Web Coordinators:

Richard Robertson, Rob Hanna.

Membership Accounts:

Rob Hanna, Greg Rieves.

Club Public Oficer:

1: Kevin is standing down as Club Public Officer, explained the role: To make sure that the official paper work and treasurers report/books go in on time.

2: John Ogden: Nominated, elected unopposed.

Rod thanked Kevin for his many years of service as club officer. He has been the back bone of the club.

AGM Closed: 8:08 pm.

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